5 of the Best Muscle Building Foods – Eat These Foods and Build Muscle More Effectively!

Feeding your muscles is what you should do to increase your results your to make your muscle grow to its maximum potential. Most people that start to work out their muscles they normally believe if they just lift a few weights they are going to get the large muscles they want and this unfortunately is wrong. How do you expect your gold fish to grow if you don t feed it. So treat your muscle like your sexy little pets you have to love, care and nurture them with the correct muscle building foods, show them love, give them the helping hand to reach to out to their full potential

Here are my top 5 best muscle feeding foods eat fit these foods into your diet.

Olive oil this is very well known muscle growing food, so many researchers suggests that olive oil lowers rate of inflammation and generally improves recovery. Olive oil produces a chemical that acts as a hormone that helps support your testosterone levels. Olive oil also contains all the great healthy fats you need.

Yogurt, get hold of either low fat or full milk based yogurt. Yogurt contains live active cultures of bacteria the good kind. These bacteria pass through your tummy to your gastrointestinal tract and move in. This will help your body gain a stronger immune system and help you recover quicker. Yogurt also contains calcium that help to keep your bones healthy and helps improve the absorbs ion of nutrients

Garlic yes this smelly herb will help you gain muscle it has almost no protein, carbs or fat. The key to its magic it can change your hormones by a large amount. Well in animal research the animals that consumed garlic with proteins showed higher levels of testosterone so just chop it in your meals.

Pasta is required for building muscle mass it contains a lot of carbohydrates to fuel your body in its muscle building efforts. Carbs increase the efficiency of the proteins you get. If you have no carbs your protein won’t work correctly. Carbs change your protein metabolism by speeding up the road to your muscles to boost muscle growth. One cup of pasta contains the minimum amount of carbs per a hard gaining meal.45grams per a meal

Believe it or not white bread is the perfect food right after you train. White bread contains fast digesting carbs that will higher your glycogen levels and it will boost your insulin to promote muscle growth.

Well that’s my muscle feeding food list good luck!

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