Magic Pain Reliever For RA Joint Pain

So that joint pain is back in action again and you have run out of choices on what to do. But fellow rheumatoid arthritis sufferers seem to trust calendula oil to do miracles. So what would you do?

Calendula is an ordinary plant that grows in any soil. However, it is widely found in Europe, USA and in Western parts of Asia. Known from its botanical name Calendula Officinalis, the plant belongs to the same family of daisies and ragweed.

As per its medicinal value, the yellow-gold petals of calendula are known to perform miracles. If you haven’t heard about Calendula, you would have probably heard of Garden marigold, pot marigold or poet’s marigold. All these names are used to refer to the same plant.

Rheumatoid arthritis and Calendula goes hand in hand because it acts as a perfect companion that relieves joint pain. Known from the early Persian and Greek societies, marigold carries an impeccable reputation for relieving swellings and pains. Thanks to its anti-inflammatory nature and anti septic qualities, it is also used for healing wounds.

Although Calendula does not provide any cure or long term relief for rheumatoid arthritis, many people who use calendula infusions believe that it has magical properties to relieve joint pain. On a scientific level, using marigold as herb activates carotenes, polyphenols and phytosterols together with EFAs that act as a penetration formula that could drastically improve the blood and oxygen flow in the affected areas of your body.

Although there are many novel means and methods of pain relief for rheumatoid arthritis joint pain, natural remedies based on topical ointments are known to be best for they carry little or no side effects. Another plus side of herbal remedies is that they usually provide a galore of healthy remedies as opposed to western medicine which tries to eliminate a single symptom.

Furthermore, marigold can be used if you suffer from other painful conditions such as gastritis, burns or eczema. It is also used as a home remedy in some parts of the world to treat minor issues such as headaches, toothaches, ulcers, varicose veins and colitis.

Marigold may be one in thousand natural products that work well for joint pain relief. So read up on the subject, as much as you can, before making a decision on using it. You should also beware of allergies that can be caused by natural products.

While you search for products that include the essence of Calendula goodness, be cautious about so called herbal remedies that promise you a world full of relief. As you know through experience, joint pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis is not something that will easily go away or ameliorate. Therefore, don’t let fake products and false promises put your hopes up only to leave you disappointed at the end. Speak to someone who has already experienced the magic of marigold before opting in for any products that claim to contain its goodness. First hand information always speaks much more genuinely than sales pages you find online.

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