Sheet Pans and Cookie Sheets Are Subtly Different

Sheet pans are often stronger than baking sheets. People will sometimes use baking sheets and sheet pans interchangeably. While it is sometimes possible to make use of these cooking supplies that way, it often makes more sense for people to use a high-quality sheet pan in one situation and a baking pan in another. 

Pan Edges

One of the biggest differences between the two pieces of cooking equipment is the design of the border of both pans. Cookie sheets and baking sheets are typically almost flat.

If they aren’t flat, then the edges that they do have will be very short. There almost might only be one single edge on one side of the pan, which should make it easier for the people who are trying to hold the pan or remove it from the oven.

The sheet pans that people will use instead will often have strong and solid edges on all sides. Since people will often make large dishes using these pans, they will need something that will contain the sauce or the juices from the meals. Customers won’t have to worry about that if they’re just making cookies, which is why cooking sheets are used in that context.