Tired of Using Your Nebulizer Machine? Here Are Some Natural Cures For Asthma

Using a nebulizer machine night in and night out because of your asthma, can be very irritating for someone dealing with asthma. They are VERY LOUD, and when you are using them, it feels like you are sitting there forever waiting for the medicine to run its course.

I know, I went through the same thing, and I hated being on them even when I know I needed to be. Now there are some natural cures for asthma that will give you a very flexible option, when it comes to dealing with your asthma.

Here are some natural cures for asthma:

Apple Cider Vinegar may the best and one of the most known remedies for asthma. Asthmatics all over are using this to treat and manage their asthma everyday. All the time I hear about people saying that they can’t believe how effective this is.

Apple Cider Vinegar decreases inflammation, and allows airways to quickly open up. It’s been said that some asthmatics have completely stopped using their medication after using this everyday.

Honey is also a good treatment for asthma, and is used very often. In order for the honey to be effective, it should be held under the nose and inhaled.

By doing this, you will soon be able to breathe deeper and easier. The aroma from the honey is what makes this works, and as it is inhaled by the nose it allows your breathing to return to normal.

Now using some natural cures for asthma, is always a good choice for anyone with asthma and having problems.

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